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"I’m a doctor, not a…" (Part I)

”Another Earth” directed by Mike Cahill, and written by Cahill and Brit Marling 


Let the Right One In (2008)

Several tricks were used to create the right sound effects for some of the gorier scenes. Biting into sausages was used to replicate biting into skin and flesh, and drinking yogurt was used to sound like drinking blood. The sound of the children blinking was made by the skin of a grape rubbing against each other in an almost ‘blinking’ motion.


Nicolas Winding Refn at the Maps To The Stars Cannes Film Festival Premiere

"We’re not friends," Jon said. He put a hand on Sam’s broad shoulder. "We’re brothers." And so they were, he thought to himself after Sam had taken his leave. (x)

I am terrified a great deal of the time. Afraid of what I’ve done, of what I’m doing, and of what I might have to do. It’s not a crippling fear. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I thrive on it. I crave it. I need that rush of terror to get me out of bed in the morning. It’s in my DNA.

"She’s amazing. She is twelve and she’s got this thick Irish accent, then she comes out and she’s got this pitch perfect 1940’s British accent. I think what’s incredible with Saoirse is that’s not taught. That’s not taught. So where does that talent come from? It’s just… it is extraordinary. People keep on saying ‘What advice are you giving her?’ I would never dream of giving Saoirse Ronan advice. I’ll take advice from her, but I certainly won’t give it."

The train is the world. We the humanity. 

Heres my metaphor: If you get excited by the wheel, WATCH IT! If you get excited by the IPAD, don’t waste your time.
On Metropolis (via onestarnetflixreviews)

angelina jolie by hedi slimane for elle june 2014